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Uber Classy, Never Trashy!!! Ladies, Do Take A Hint From Genevieve Nnaji

April 3, 2013
Genevieve collage


We all love Genevieve Nnaji. Who doesn’t ?? She is pretty, smart, in charge of her affairs and incredibly good at what she does. Genevieve is at the top of her game and is respected amongst her peers as one of the best there is. She currently represents some certain big brands that one can only hope for and she had earned this respect through constant hard work.

Question: What can ladies learn from Genevieve Nnaji?

Answer: Alot.

One common factor when you go through the photos of female friends Facebook  Twitter, Instagram or any social networking site of your choice is that ladies tend to show a lot. A whole lot. From their chest regions to their female business, nothing is too sacred to be put out there. This trend has led to a certain decrease of respectability in our female folk that is very alarming. The sad part is that the mentality of these young women is that you can ‘use what you have to get what you want.’ Extremely sad.

Several words can be used to describe Genevieve Nnaji and indecent isn’t one of them. When asked why they love Genevieve, there were a lot of replies, some of which described her as “Pretty, smart, focused , classy , fabulous and most importantly a go- getter’. In a video by Toolz, Banky W, Lynxxx and D’Prince all picked Genevieve as their sexiest Nigerian star. Banky W even describes her as a ‘Boss lady’.

Watching her over the years, we have seen her age like fine wine and become one of Nollywood’s most sought after actress. We are yet to see nude , indecent photos of her, distasteful show of cleavage or thighs, setting a pace which has come to be respected amongst her peers and fans.

So ladies, there is a big difference between classy and trashy and Miss Nnaji has shown us that. She might not be the best of designers as seen in her latest St. Genevieve Aso Ebi collection but one thing we know is that Genevieve Nnaji is the true definition of sexiness and style!












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