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April 2, 2013
The Nigerian Music Industry now is shining like the brightest of stars. Our music has captivated the minds and adoration of all Nigerians and Africans of different backgrounds and ages.

The best part is the fact that we’re finally getting the much coveted recognition from beyond the African continent.

Considering that Music is a Billion Dollar industry worldwide, It would seem that there has never been a better time for any talented (and also the Untalented folks too ) to launch a career in Music. It’s obvious that a lot of young Nigerians crave the fame and ‘Bling’ that success in the Industry can bring. And here lies a unique problem of its own.

Visit any Naija Music blog. Do it now, I dare you! You’ll be stunned by the rate at which new material is released everyday and new acts are springing up on every street in every hood and at any corner. But when you start to listen to some of these people it gradually to becomes clear that some of them have no clue what it takes to be a Successful Musician or worse still the song is so wack that even their mothers would probably not buy their CD even if it listening to it would guarantee eternal life.
From a lifelong fervent fan of Music from Naija and beyond (not an expert by any means), here are a couple of suggestions that I think upcoming artists should consider

Write some Lyrics that actually make sense!   I strongly believe this is one quality that has made 2Face Idibia the Icon that he is today. You may ‘tinkokololo’ your way to a hit song, but if you hope to build a long-lasting career that out lives trends and short-lived fads you have to offer us a little bit more.
Loose the frigging Dark Sun glasses!! It’s like a nation of dark shade wearing Zombies out there. Ever hear of brand recognition? When you are new in the game, you want to put your face everywhere. You want fans to easily recognize you until you become a household name. But when every Tom, Dick and Haruna hides his face completely in his debut video how are we supposed to connect with you or recognize you when we see you on the street? Take a cue from Davido, I bet you his groupies can draw his face in their sleep.

Finally; Originality. This may be the hardest feat to achieve, but it is possible. It is human nature to crave something new, different and fun.  Recycling beats and rhythm is gets boring eventually. Do your own thing!Collapse this post

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