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Foluke Daramola Is Using Juju On Kayode Salako’ – Celebrities

April 2, 2013
Ghen ghen story:
A lady journalist Bukola Fasuyi, who claimed she
introduced Foluke to her husband, Kayode, has come out
with very serious claims that reveal Foluke &
Kayode’s marriage was built on deceit and lies.
As a matter of fact, Bukola says Foluke, no doubt used and
is using Juju on Kayode, a thing she and Foluke both
planned together.
You need to read this to the end, guys.
Apparently full of biles, Bukola disclosed to E247mag that
Foluke has really offended her. She alleged that she went
too far in the romance that led to the marriage.
“Foluke is an ungrateful element to me. I actually
introduced her to Kayode, who, for a very longtime
was my toaster but I told him I could not date him
because I was not really
interested and there was really no feeling for him. I
told him I was not really interested because I was in a
relationship. About the same time, Foluke had asked
me to introduce her to someone who could help, so I
introduced Kayode to her.
I know he spends a lot on women, at least, he was
dating a lady Princess Bimbo Olagunju, and he was
spending so much to keep the girl. The same Princess
knew how much Kayode liked me but I was not
So precisely February 13, 2012, I introduced Foluke to
Kayode at Mama’s Place in Omole, Ikeja. I remember
that I met Kayode during the hey days of
Fasholamania, his campaign project for Governor
Babatunde Fashola. I believed in the project and I
knew he was committed to it not because he was
getting any money.
Anyway, Kayode and Foluke met, they were supposed
to date each other but I never advised her to go and
destroy Kayode’s home built over 15 years. I know
Kayode dated Princess Abimbola currently in Dublin,
but she never ventured to destroy his home. They
dated for about five years, yes, the wife knew, the heat
was so much. They had issues about that but it never
got to marrying him and sending his wife away.
Princess knew Kayode wanted me, she knew I could
displace her but I remained his friend. But because he
was always telling us about his home, the areas his
wife failed, Foluke worked on it and the result is the
marriage which I advised her not to go into.
I have conscience, fine as a friend, I wanted the best
for my friend (Foluke), but I know she threatened the
home of Kayode, she was calling him at home at odd
times, telling him how much she loved him. The next
day after they met, he sent N100, 000, that week, he
sent more money, about N500,000. The money came
at a time Foluke had accommodation problem in
Marwa’s Garden, so he secured an apartment for her.
“At a point, I called Foluke that why had Kayode’s wife
barely left her home that you started to sleep in his
Omole house? I tried to advise her that she should not
marry the guy, that all she should do was get his
assistance; I told her she should put herself in the
wife’s shoes. Since she realised I was advising her, she
withdrew from me, she started to avoid me. Yes, he
was having issues with his wife but that was not
enough to move in.
On few occasions, he insisted he was still in love with
his wife. I strongly advised her against such moves but
she went ahead with the marriage plans. I remember
that even while dating Foluke, he had issues with her,
he complained about her lifestyles, that she was a
fraudster bla, bla, but as a true friend I have to step in.
Kayode had wanted to go away.
Yes, I know all she did that the marriage eventually
came up, I was actually going with her to those places,
yes, we went together and I’m waiting for her
response and if she responds or denies my claim, then
I will go all out to fight her.
I’m ready to release all the pictures of the places we
went together. I’m fighting her because she does not
have conscience at all, I’m fighting her because she’s a
desperado, I’m fighting her because she’s an
ungrateful element. I never collected any money for
introducing her to Kayode, ask her if I did but I told
her ‘don’t marry this guy, think about his home.’
‘‘Now I’m worried, my conscience is troubling me, I’m
worried about the fact that I was indirectly or directly
involved in the circumstance that led to the break of
Kayode’s marriage. I don’t think Foluke should have
gone this far, there are many factors involved, it was
not ordinary and I want to tell the world that she does
not deserve that man, I want to tell the world that I’m
sorry that I did this to him and his family.
I never advised Foluke to marry him; I just wanted him
to help her out of her stormy life. I owe Kayode’s wife
an apology and I know that I will go to her and say
sorry soon. But before then, I owe it a duty to tell the
world Foluke does not deserve Kayode and as the
friend that introduced her to him, I’m sorry.
Yes, the wife made some mistakes too; I’m putting all
these in a book I’m writing soon. It’s not enough for
you to decline the advice or suggestions of your
husband on how he wants you as his wife to dress.
Why should the wife turn the hubby’s invitation to go
out together down? Her claim that she’s a pastor and
not cut out to live a life in the social circuit leaves room
for the other women to step in.
For Kayode, he got carried away, he loves the fact that
Foluke brings him to spotlight, that makes him a
newsmaker of sorts.
But in a swift reaction, Kayode Salako in an interview
with E24-7 Magazine said
Bukola is a devil’s agent and please don’t mind her.
Yes, she introduced Foluke to me but she should step
aside now that we are married. She claimed Foluke is
using juju on me, but you know what? If that is true, I,
Kayode Salako will know. I’m a real man. But if truly
she’s using Juju, I need more of her juju, you know
why, she has added value, brought me a lot of
He recalled how she met Bukola who introduced him to
Foluke. “
Yes, when I came back from abroad, I met Bukola,
then I was lonely, my life was boring and we met. I
liked her because she was so passionate about my
Fasholamania’s project, she showed a lot of
enthusiasm and we got so close, it was at a time my
wife was very boring, so I asked her out, but she
declined. She told me that she liked me but she would
not date me for two reasons: one that her intentions
will be misconstrued, two, it will be a burden on her
that she will love me to the extent that she would love
to marry me but that she had a friend, an actress, that
she’s different from the pack. She gave her name as
Foluke Daramola. Really, I never believed her that she
could introduce Foluke to me. She’s one of the very
few actresses I admired.
Eventually, we met at Mama’s Place. Shortly after she
called Foluke to join us and she did. We had fun,
wined and dined together. That was all that night. The
rest as they say is history. I don’t know why she’s into
this campaign of calumny now. Why call Foluke
names? What has she done to her? If Foluke is into
juju, she should be a millionaire like some of her
colleagues whose lifestyles are well known to us. I met
Foluke a poor girl with her sanity and pride intact. I
don’t know what she wants from all these. Foluke’s life
is an open book and I like it. I have taken my decision
and the action to live the rest of my life with Foluke
and I’m ready to face the consequences of my action.
Foluke not bemused responded.
I have chosen not to talk but I respect you and your
medium and I want to assure you that at the
appropriate time, I will grant you an interview. Yes,
Bukola came to me, she told me about her project and
that she needed money. She believed I have so much
that I should be given her now. But there is one thing
about me; my life is an open book. I will not respond
more than that. Let her go ahead with her tales. I
know I have done no wrong. I appreciate the fact that
she introduced me to Kayode but that does not mean
she has to continue to call the shot. It’s just important
she steps aside now that we are married. That should
not hurt.”
Kayode, Foluke, Bukola
Source:: Laila Ikeji’s blog

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