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7 Facts About The North – Culture

April 2, 2013

(1) Their are about 73 DIFFERENT languages in Taraba state alone,48 in Plateau,60 in Bauchi,58 in Adamawa,57 in Kaduna,38 in Niger,29 in Nasarawa and 28 in Borno.

(2) Apart from Sokoto and Zamfara state, EVERY other state in the north has indigenous Christian population.

(3) Except Benue,kogi,plateau,Niger and Borno,the remaining 14 state’s heads of traditional councils are all Fulanis.

(4) The sultan of sokoto is the only traditional leader that occupy’s the highest number of offices in Nigeria:head of sokoto state traditional council,head of northern traditional council,chairman of the traditional council of Nigeria,head of Nigeria’s muslim umma(congregation) and co-chairman of Nigeria’s interfaith council.He also functions in various offices common with Nigerian traditional and religious leaders.

(5) A traditional Tiv man allows his “special” visitor or relation to make love to his wife.

(6) After “sekin uku”,i.e third divorce,a northern muslim can remarry his divorced wife only if she (a) marry’s another man,(b)Be Intimate with him atleast once and (c)get a divorce from that man.

(7) Boko haram was founded and being run by Kanuris (not Hausa/Fulanis)

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